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Front Entrance Bus Stop - Power washed !
Thanks to those who assisted us in our efforts to power wash the PBF front entrance bus stop pavilion on Saturday May 9th, 2015. It defiantly needed a good scrubbing and now looks clean as can be. In an effort to maintain this cleanliness we would like you to remind your children to please respect the bus stop. Unfortunately we frequently find trash (ie. soda bottles, food wrappers ect...) lying about. Thanks !
FYI... We are currently working on adding a bench to this bus stop.
HOA Annual Meeting: A Success ! (Posted on Nov 18th, 2014)
Thank you to all of the Residents of PBF who came out in support of our community and made their voices heard. We all enjoyed a productive review of current community projects, budget reviews and upcoming events. Sheriff Mike Evans made a surprise appearance and Deputy Andre Mitchell provided us with a great amount of insight and offered suggestions related to general crime prevention.

2014 Fall Clean-Up Project: (Posted on Nov 18th, 2014)
1) Basketball Backboards were repainted
2) Both Basketball Nets were replaced
3) "PBF Sports Complex" Sign was repainted
4) Tennis & Basketball Court fencing was fixed
5) New door latch on Tennis Court 
6) Combo-lock installed on Tennis Court entrance. Combo: "28-30-00"

Best Part... All work was done by your NEW PBF HOA Board Members and was at No Cost to the community. Thanks to all who helped !