Peach Blossom Farm
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Board Members
  Joe Lenza 410-535-6000
Treasurer   Carol Nietmann 443 624-0276
    Carol Nietmann 443-624-0276
Vice President    Matt  Bonner 410 535-5389
Member   Larry Eady 410 535-9970
Member   Lynn Hatton 240-781-9973
Member   Kevin Chew 443-975-7965
Member   Megan Bryant Walker 443-370-0757
Our community covenants.
Our community bylaws.
Board of Directors Objectives:
1) Encourage collaborative and diverse participation that includes an
    involved membership.
2) Establish and maintain appropriate and effective forums to actively listen
    and respond to the concerns of the community.
3) Satisfy, maintain and enhance community support requirements relating to
    property values, legal and safety issues.
4) Build community relationships that capitalize on best practices and
    improvement opportunities.
5) Seek continuous improvements in effective and efficient management of the
6) Establish and maintain a strong financial foundation for all operations of the
7) Be forever mindful of and preserve the Association's Vision, Mission and Values.
8) Serve in the best interests of the Association.
Various PBF HOA Committee's:
Architectural Review Board:
Larry Eady, Matt Bonner & Kevin Chew
Covenants Committee
Matt Bonner & Carol Nietmann
Community Improvements Committee:
Larry Eady & Matt Bonner
Welcoming Committee:
Lynn Hatton & Megan Bryant Walker
Entertainment Committee:
Lynn Hatton & Megan Bryant Walker
Facebook Admin:
Lynn Hatton